StretchLab – A Twelve Bridges Business

Whenever I swing by the restaurants in Twelve Bridges, I always notice the bold sign “STRETCHLAB.” You can probably guess what it is from the name, but I was curious to learn more. So, I decided to give them a call and spoke to Brooke, who is as fun to speak with as she is a people person. Her vibrant energy was contagious. I told Brooke about my desire to try out a stretching session and also write this article, and she was more than happy to help me set up an appointment.

My 50-minute appointment was scheduled with Karen. As I learned, Karen comes from a personal training background and is a Certified Flexologist. From the moment we started our session, it was evident that we were going to have a great time. We talked and laughed while she skillfully stretched me out. Karen expertly manipulated my arms, legs, and neck into various positions, holding them there to provide a deep and satisfying stretch. I couldn’t help but agree with Karen when she shared her belief that a stretch session can be even more valuable than a massage.

When I walked back to my car after the session, I felt invigorated. There was a noticeable spring in my step that lasted throughout the day. It was a feeling of increased flexibility, freedom, and overall well-being.

StretchLab offers weekly memberships for those who want to continue making progress toward their flexibility goals. With over 200 members and growing quickly, it’s clear that they are onto something truly beneficial for the community.

I had the pleasure of learning more about StretchLab and its owners, Brian and Anna Giovacchini. They opened the doors of this wellness haven on August 1, 2023. Brian, who manages a mortgage company, and Anna, now a Certified Flexologist with a growing clientele, have been residents of Placer County for just under 15 years. Aside from their professional pursuits, they share a passion for golf, which is one of the reasons they believe in the power of stretching.

Anna has worked with some older clients to help them regain the ability to do something as simple as tie their shoes. For her, helping people achieve their goals is her “Why,” and it’s evident in the way she conducts herself at StretchLab.

I couldn’t help but ask Brian why they chose Twelve Bridges as the location for their venture. He explained that they saw a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact on the community. Golfers, in particular, stand to benefit greatly from increased flexibility, allowing them to enhance their performance on the course. Seniors can enjoy a higher quality of life with improved mobility, and even kids who are active in sports can benefit from regular stretching sessions.

When I inquired about their own kids, Brian shared that they have middle and high school children who are into sports, including golf and soccer. He expressed concern that today’s kids tend to overlook the importance of stretching, even though it’s incredibly valuable for their physical development. It’s clear that the Giovacchini family is not only invested in the success of StretchLab but also in the overall health and well-being of the community’s residents.

Anna and Brian have ambitious plans for the future. They are excited to announce that they have plans to open another STRETCHLAB in Roseville in the near future. This expansion will undoubtedly bring the benefits of professional stretching even closer to more individuals in our region.

In conclusion, my experience at StretchLab in Twelve Bridges was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. Karen’s expertise and the care she took to ensure I received a personalized and effective stretching session left me feeling rejuvenated and more flexible than I had in a long time. The Giovacchini family’s commitment to helping others through stretching and their plans for future expansion are admirable. If you’re looking to improve your flexibility, enhance your athletic performance, or simply experience the many benefits of a good stretch, I highly recommend giving StretchLab a try. Whether you’re a golfer, a senior looking to improve your mobility, or a parent seeking to introduce your kids to the importance of stretching, StretchLab has something valuable to offer to all members of the community. Don’t hesitate to visit them in Twelve Bridges or keep an eye out for their upcoming location in Roseville – your body will thank you.

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