Celebrating with the Raging Rhinos Sober Grad

The very first graduating class of Twelve Bridges High School will be donning their caps and gowns in 2024. It’s a momentous occasion, and the Raging Rhinos Sober Grad non-profit has something special in store to celebrate this milestone.

Graduation day is set for Friday, June 7, a day filled with pride and achievement. But the real excitement begins the following night, on June 8, when our graduating seniors will embark on an “Epic Party” that will go down in the books. Starting at 11 PM and going until the wee hours of 5 AM, this event promises non-stop fun and entertainment.

What’s on the agenda? Only the Twelve Bridges High School graduating seniors will have access to the event which includes the water slides, the wave pool, miniature golf, laser tag, plus an array of games, raffles, and an abundance of delicious food. The theme for this unforgettable night is “Monte Carlo night,” and it’s guaranteed to be a blast; complete with blackjack, poker and roulette!

Now, you might be wondering, “How can I contribute to this fantastic celebration?” The Raging Rhinos Sober Grad could use volunteers to help make the Sunsplash party a memorable one. Your support can also make a difference during the first annual Sober Grad bingo night on April 26th in the evening at the Lincoln Crossings Community Center. This evening of bingo and food promises a great time for all attendees.

Furthermore, local businesses have an opportunity to get involved by providing food for approximately 200 kids during the Sober Grad night. Consider offering sandwiches or setting up a taco bar to fuel our graduates as they celebrate their achievements. In addition to showcasing your support on event t-shirts, The Pierce Plam Real Estate Team is offering to donate a half-page article here in The Bridge to the sponsoring food provider, highlighting your business’ commitment to helping the Twelve Bridges community.

Behind the scenes of this wonderful initiative is a dedicated team led by its Founder and President, Jamie Nelson, affectionately known as “Miss Jamie.” Miss Jamie and her husband, Darin, a Firefighter with Cal Fire, have been part of the Twelve Bridges community for years, raising their two sons here. Riley, their eldest, graduated from Lincoln High School last year, while Tyler is a Junior and will be part of the second graduating class of Twelve Bridges High School. Side note – they host the amazing haunted house over by Coyote Pond. 

Miss Jamie’s involvement with our local schools dates back to when the current high school kids were in elementary school. She started by volunteering as the art director for Twelve Bridges Elementary and then became a substitute for special needs kids, taking on various roles from yard duty to teacher’s aid and providing one-on-one special needs tutelage. Today, Miss Jamie is a special needs paraprofessional at Lincoln High School, dedicating herself to our community’s education and well-being.

If you’d like to show your support for the Raging Rhinos Sober Grad, here are some important dates to keep in mind:

– February 29th: Last day to get your orders in for yard signs. These signs will proudly display your support for our graduating seniors.

– April 1st: The Sober Grad ticket price goes up again. Don’t miss out on securing your spot at the “Epic Party.”

– May 17th: This is the last day to purchase Sober Grad tickets. Make sure you grab yours.

– May 17th: It’s also the last day to purchase Graduation Leis, a beautiful tradition to honor our graduates.

Let’s come together as a community and make the first graduating class of Twelve Bridges High School feel truly special. Your support, whether through volunteering or providing food, will ensure that this celebration is one to remember. Miss Jamie and her team are dedicated to creating a safe and memorable night for our seniors, and with your help, we can make it happen.

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