Honoring Our Heroes: The Placer County Veterans Monument

Hello fellow Twelve Bridges neighbors! I’m excited to share something close to my heart with you today. Several years ago, my wife and I became Supporting Sponsors of the Placer County Veterans Monument. In this article, I want to tell you about this special monument and why I believe it’s important for all of us to get involved.

The Placer County Veterans Monument can be found in McBean Memorial Park right here in Lincoln, California. The monument is a powerful symbol of the bravery and sacrifice of our servicemen and women. You can visit it day or night, and when the sun goes down, it’s beautifully lit up, creating a serene atmosphere for reflection.

What makes this monument even more meaningful is that it’s not a static monument. It’s constantly evolving and improving, thanks to the hard work of the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Coalition (LVMC). They’ve recently added a new feature to their website that lets you dive deeper into the stories of the veterans honored there. In the coming months, we’ll share some of these incredible stories with you in The Bridge. The heart of this monument lies in the engraved panels that bear the names of our heroes. There’s something truly special about seeing the name of a loved one etched in stone, forever honoring their service.

If you visit the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Wall, you’ll notice that there are still panels waiting for plaques. These empty spaces are opportunities for you to pay tribute to a family member, a friend, or even yourself if you’re a veteran. By doing so, you ensure that the legacy of bravery and sacrifice lives on for generations to come. Your contribution, whether it’s purchasing a plaque or making a donation, is crucial to maintaining and enhancing this sacred space. It’s a way for us to collectively show our gratitude and respect for those who have served our nation. To find out more about how to purchase a plaque or make a donation, please visit the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Coalition’s website at LincolnVeteransMemorial.org. Thank you for your support.

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