Omakase Por Favor

If you’re a food enthusiast in the Twelve Bridges and Catta Verdera neighborhoods, you’re in for a treat! Omakase Por Favor, a delightful fusion restaurant blending Japanese and coastal Mexican cuisines, has recently opened its doors, bringing a unique culinary experience to the area. Founded and owned by the talented Chef Jeana Pecha, this restaurant promises to tantalize your taste buds with its innovative dishes and warm hospitality.

Jeana Pecha, the mastermind behind Omakase Por Favor, has always had a passion for cooking. Her journey to becoming a chef and entrepreneur started at a young age, growing up in Roseville, California. After graduating from the Culinary Institute in Napa with an associate degree in culinary management, she embarked on a remarkable culinary adventure. Spending many months living on the coast of Mexico in Colima, and traveling to Japan, she gained invaluable knowledge and experience. With her newfound expertise, she successfully launched restaurants in places like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Spokane. Now, having moved back to Roseville, Jeana is excited to bring her unique culinary vision to her hometown and share her love for food with the community through Omakase Por Favor.

The decision to locate Omakase Por Favor in the Twelve Bridges community was a strategic one for Jeana, who felt a strong connection to the area. Hosting a pop-up dinner at the Infusion Taproom solidified her decision, as she was met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm from locals.

The concept behind Omakase Por Favor is simple yet innovative: trust the chef (omakase) and please (por favor). Jeana’s menu reflects her diverse culinary background, with dishes inspired by her time living in Manzanillo, Colima, and her travels to Japan. The food is a beautiful fusion of Japanese precision and Mexican flavors, with an emphasis on fresh, vibrant ingredients and expertly executed techniques. Every bite at Omakase Por Favor is a celebration of culinary creativity and cultural fusion.

What sets Omakase Por Favor apart is its attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Jeana and her team take pride in every aspect of the dining experience, from the meticulously crafted dishes to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. They go above and beyond to ensure that every guest’s needs are met, often customizing the menu specifically for those with food allergies, sensitivities, or preferences. With their flexibility and dedication to customer satisfaction, Omakase Por Favor strives to provide an unforgettable dining experience for all who walk through their doors.

As the owner and chef of Omakase Por Favor, Jeana is excited to share her passion for food with the Twelve Bridges and Catta Verdera communities. She wants her neighbors to know just how much their patronage means to her and her team. With your continued support, she hopes to remain a beloved fixture in the local dining scene and a source of culinary inspiration for years to come. So if you’re looking for a new dining destination that’s as unique as it is delicious, be sure to pay a visit to Omakase Por Favor. Trust the Chef, and Please, enjoy every bite.

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