Molokie Fim & Productions

It’s really fun to see how connected we all are in Twelve Bridges. We truly are a community that “shops local”. This business highlight is no exception. Daniel works with several businesses in 12 Bridges and a few of them have already been highlighted in The Bridge!

Meet Daniel Molokie, a talented videographer residing in Twelve Bridges, just a 5-iron away from Twelve Bridges Middle School. Daniel’s passion for both videography and golf has made him a familiar face in the community.

Daniel’s notable works include producing videos for the Rockstar Music Academy, where he has crafted engaging promo and music videos for local talents like Guilty as Charged, and the Cripple Creek Band. He has also created videos for local businesses Simply Nutrition, Salad Works, and Omakase Por Favor to name a few.

Daniel is also adept at creating recruiting videos for athletes. His commitment to supporting local endeavors is evident as he consciously chooses to work within the community, contributing to its vibrancy and growth.

Equipped with top-notch gear including lights, microphones, and multiple cameras, Daniel ensures professional-grade output for every project he undertakes. When he’s not meticulously filming and editing videos, you can find him honing his golfing skills at Lincoln Hills and Turkey Creek, taking a break from his love for visual storytelling by indulging his passion for the green.

Daniel’s dedication to his craft and his community is truly commendable. In Twelve Bridges, he described how he finds not just a neighborhood, but a tight-knit community driven by shared values and a sense of belonging. Through his work, Daniel embodies the spirit of local collaboration and excellence, enriching the fabric of Twelve Bridges with his creativity and passion.

So, the next time you come across a captivating video showcasing the essence of Twelve Bridges, remember that behind the lens very well might be Daniel Molokie, a talented videographer with a heart for his community – and also a love for golf.

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