Featured Business: Spotlight Lincoln

My team had an incredible time sponsoring the twelfth hole at the Infusion Taproom’s 2nd Annual Golf Tournament. The event was filled with friendly faces, community spirit, and enthusiastic supporters of the Jr. Rhinos Football and Cheer programs.

One of the memorable moments of the day was meeting Tony and Tarah, a dedicated husband-and-wife team who chose to sponsor the tournament by volunteering their skills as videographers. Many of the (better) pictures in this issue are from them.

Curious about their new venture, I invited Tony and Tarah to my office to learn more about Spotlight Lincoln, their exciting new business. They are on a mission to create a comprehensive directory of Lincoln-only businesses while providing affordable, high-quality video and photography services. They are focusing on being hyper-local and offer a subscription model that will make professional video creation and marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

All of their content is featured on their website, www.spotlightlincoln.com, which serves as a valuable resource for the community.

By promoting local businesses, Tony and Tarah are not only supporting entrepreneurship but also fostering a sense of community pride and connection within Lincoln.

Tony and Tarah have called Lincoln home for 14 years. In addition to managing Spotlight Lincoln, they care for Tony’s parents and work full-time jobs. Despite their busy schedules, they still find time to enjoy live music, travel, and savor a good Napa or Lincoln Cabernet.

We are excited to see the positive impact Tony and Tarah will continue to have on our community. Supporting the Jr. Rhinos and connecting with wonderful individuals like them made the golf tournament a truly memorable event. We look forward to many more opportunities to support and celebrate our local community.

Contact Spotlight Lincoln at 916.918.7768. Please mention that Pierce sent you.

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