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Meet Evan Risucci: The Entrepreneur Behind Rolling Hills Creative

In our very own Twelve Bridges community, there’s someone making waves with his camera – Evan Risucci. He’s the brains behind Rolling Hills Creative, a top-notch video production company. The name of his company? Well, it’s a nod to both filming (“Rolling”) and our beautiful foothills!

Evan’s roots run deep in Twelve Bridges. He grew up just around the corner from Twelve Bridges Middle School, spending his days long-boarding, mountain biking, and capturing his adventures. Making people smile with intrigue has always been his thing, whether through his adventures or his creative projects.

His videography journey began when he got his hands on a camera in seventh grade. Then, at Whitney High School, he got serious about video in Broadcast class. Winning student awardsand topping the charts in TV programs showed that he had real talent. In 2019, Evan took the big step of starting his very own production company, Rolling Hills Creative. Since then, he’s been all about turning ideas into eye-catching videos.

Need event coverage, a commercial, something for social media, or even company training videos? Evan’s your guy. He calls himself a storyteller which is a perfect one-word description.

I asked Evan to describe the production for a short real estate video. He quickly verbalized a detailed list of options, ideas and plans for the video. He knows his stuff and I could tell that he has passion and skills in his chosen field. Evan doesn’t always work alone; he has a team of skilled videographers to handle large-scale projects, as well. Whether it’s writing scripts or capturing cinematic scenes, Evan, and if needed, his crew make video magic happen.

Right now, Evan’s off to Florida for a project with a local company, Kodiak Roofing. But you don’t have to go far to see his work. Check out for a taste. When you need top-notch videos, remember Evan Risucci and Rolling Hills Creative. With Evan behind the camera, your ideas will come to life like never before.

Want to see some of Evan’s standout projects? Take a look at STRETCHLAB Grand Opening and The Lincoln Project. For more of his incredible work, visit

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